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NRS Wedge Rescue Throw Bag

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This rescue throw bag is nice and compact, so there is no excuse for leaving home without it. You can easily tuck this away anywhere in your boat which means you'll have it close at hand for that vital rescue toss.

Throw bag features:

  • 55' of floating 1/4" polypropylene gives you the reach you need to pluck that swimmer out of the water.
  • Compact, flattened shape slides easily inside your boat.
  • Foam panels inside the bag keep it afloat for safety and visibility.
  • Mesh sides on the bag give drainage and quick drying for the rope.
  • Bright colors and reflective tape make the bag highly visible for the rescuer and rescue.
  • Rope Length: 55'
  • Rope Size: 1/4 Polypropylene
  • Max Load: 950 lbs (Maximum load indicated is for the rope alone knots may reduce weight capacity)
  • Mesh side panels
  • Foam panels
  • Reflective tape

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