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Extrasport Child's PFD with Collar

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Type II: Developed to provide high flotation and head support for infants and children in the water. This jacket will help keep a child face-up in calm water, and comes with a grab loop to aid in pulling him or her from the water.

* The Infant Child model is for kids under 50 lbs with a design flotation of 9 lbs 14 oz.
* The PVC-Free Gaia foam is environmentally friendly, conforms well to your shape and gives you years of good flotation.
* The Youth model fits kids 50 – 90 lbs. with a design floatation of 11 lbs 4 oz.
* Adjustable leg strap with a single buckle help secure this jacket in place and prevent ride up.
* The segmented collar supports the head in the floating position and has an integrated grab loop.
* Reflective tape and bright color increases visibility.
* 200 denier nylon oxford fabric.

# Infant: <50 lbs (Fits kids best between 35-50 lbs)
# Youth: 50-90 lbs

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