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Non-Stick Aluminum Pots and Pan
Designed with the cook in mind, Vapor is made from hard-anodized aluminum for durability and scratch resistance. Coated with DuPontĀ® Teflon, Vapor Cookset offers non-stick cooking in it's inner pot and frying pan.
Precision nesting design makes for no rattling pots or wasted pack volume. The included pot grip is handy, and packs away neatly inside.
Our Vapor Cookset weighs 21 ounces when packed.

Lightweight-21 oz. (complete)
Perfect fit for the Vapor Stove or a Buntane fuel canister with Flex or Raptor stoves
Hard anodized aluminum
Teflon coated small pot and fry pan
Precision nesting design; no rattling pots
Grooved bottoms to increase friction
Slim-fit insulated stuff bag with interior pocket for pot gripper and accessories

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