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Environmentally friendly Simple, effective, and fuel-efficient. The newly updated Eta Power EF is easier to use, but still boasts the same high efficiency rate and superior windshield. The stove comes with a 1.8-liter Eta pot with a heat exchanger, a graded BPA-free plastic bowl, a lid with grip-friendly silicone and integrated colander. The included insulated storage bag can be used to keep your food hot, and packs the burner, plastic bowl, windshield, two 100-gram gas cartridge, and the pot with ease. The standard model is powered by gas, but it can be upgraded to be powered with liquid fuel as well using the PRIMUS Eta Power MultiFuel Kit. Ignition: Piezoelectric.

  • Size:8.3 x 3.9.
  • Output: 7000 BTU/h.
  • Weight: 28.4 oz
  • Boil Time: 3.5 min

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