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Black Diamond Spot Headlamp - Camo

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  • $47.95

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A camo version of our regular Spot in Real Tree Hardwoods Green® HDTM pattern. Optimizing a blend of focused and peripheral light, the Spot is a streamlined, batteries-up-front lamp. Housed in a reflector, the one-watt HyperBright LED throws a far-reaching beam. When all you need is close-range lighting, switch modes and use the three SuperBright LEDs which emit usable light for over 100 hours. A single switch on top lets you choose from four lighting levels for both modesmin, mid, max and strobeto tailor the light output to your needs. Designed with a winter user in mind, the Spots switch is easily operable with gloves.

* Camo Spot: Real Tree Hardwoods Green® HD
* Power Source: 3 AAA (included)
* Burn Time: Min. 20 hours/ Max. 145 hours
* Maximum Distance: 43 m

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