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Pat's Ginger Trail Soda Concentrate

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Inspired by the trekking circuits of the traditional ginger-producing nations of India and Nepal. In the spirit of the Himalayas we packed a healthy dose of real ginger into each and every serving.  We've got to warn you. This is not the quietly subdued ginger ale that they throw at you on an airplane. Oh no. This one has a little extra kick to it. We're not talking jalapeño, run for the water, eat some saltine crackers hot. It's just that we threw in a pretty healthy dose of ginger (what a novel idea?) to make sure you didn't forget what you were drinking. When you use great ingredients it's hard to go wrong. You'll understand why we call this the "holy grail of ginger ale" when you try it! You can even try it in a grail if you like.

Each 1.42 fl oz packet makes a 16 oz serving. Just mix with water, and carbonate.


  • Natural Cane Juice
  • All Natural Flavors
  • Vitamin C,B3,B5, B6,B12, and Folic Acid
  • Absolutely No Preservatives

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