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Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping Pad - Mummy

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Side sleepers rejoice! Outside Magazine's gear buying guide recommends this pad, and we're not surprised. We've been huge Big Agnes fans before any of the big national chains even jumped on board! In fact, Mountains Plus has been one of the leading independent sellers of great Big Agnes products, so we can attest to their innovations in quality outdoor products...And Air Core pads are one of our biggest sellers, which really says something.

Air Core pads are the lightest and most comfortable inflated sleeping pads in the world! These pads are so comfortable, you may end up throwing away your bed at home. Seriously, if you are a side sleeper, this pad is for you. The thick mattress allows you to sleep on your side without the pain in your hips. Gone are the days of flip-flopping through the night from one sore hip to the other.


  • Light and compact summer pad, with 2.5" of comfort
  • I-beam construction eliminates welded seams to reduce cold spots and ensures quick inflation/deflation, consistent air flow and stability
  • Non-breakable brass valve with plastic coated EZ-Flate mouthpiece
  • Durable 70D nylon top and bottom
  • Internal polyurethane coating
  • Add a closed cell foam pad in colder temperatures for extra insulation
  • Store unrolled with valve open
  • Stuff sack and repair kit included. The repair kit is in a small pocket on the inside of the stuff sack. It's sort of hidden, so look twice!
  • Each pad individually inflated and tested
  • EZ-Flate Valve instructions: Twist black part of valve counter-clockwise to open. Blow into valve to inflate Hold gray portion of valve in mouth while spinning black portion clockwise to close.
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20" x 72" x 2.5" mummy 19oz
20" x 78" x 2.5" mummy 22oz

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