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The D'Lite offers large interior space for a more comfortable ride.
  • Fits 1 or 2 children, Capacity = 100 lbs
  • Drum-tight fabric and side battens keep children away from moving wheels and spokes
  • Comfy deluxe seat pad, padded shoulder harnesses, improved helmet pockets, and improved reclining seat
  • Tinted windows with UV protection and adjustable sun screen
  • Includes all-weather cover with waterproof zippers
  • Adjustable padded handle bar and parking brake
  • Elastomer suspension system
  • 20 inch quick-release alloy wheels, with new wheel guards
  • Parking brake included
  • All trailers have a full internal roll cage
  • Five-point seat harnesses ensure children's safety
  • Low center of gravity and even weight distribution
  • Hammock-style seats act as passive suspension and keep children from sitting directly above trailer axles
  • Cycling kit included with every trailer
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM and CPSIA standards and requirements
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