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Cosmo™ has everything you need in a versatile pad: a built-in foot pump for fast and easy inflation, three inches of plush, shoulder saving loft, and a raised baffle at the head end to supplement your pillow.

Spending a night outdoors doesn’t need to mean spending a night without sleep, or the next day with a sore back. The Cosmo™ series pads offer a level of comfort, an easy setup, and a versatility well beyond a typical camping pad. These pads have a plush 3” thickness, durable fabrics, a raised portion at the head end to supplement your pillow, and best of all, a built in foot pump for quick and easy inflation. The baffles in Cosmo™ pads run across their width, perpendicular to your arms and legs, making their contours barely noticeable. Cosmo™ pads include a stuff sack, compression strap, and repair patches. For transcendent comfort that will truly rival your bed at home, check out the Pillowtop™ accessory, which adds an inch of foam and a machine washable microsuede cover to your Cosmo™ pad.




  Cosmo Air 20R Cosmo Air 25L Cosmo Air 30XL
Min Weight 1 lb, 7 oz / 668 g 1 lb, 13 oz / 810 g 2 lb, 2 oz / 970 g
Min Temp. Zone 35 to 45 / 2 to 7C 30 to 40 / -1 to 4C 30 to 40 / -1 to 4C
Length 72 in / 183 cm 76 in / 193 cm 80 in / 203 cm
Thickness 2.5 in / 6 cm 3 in / 8 cm 3 in / 8 cm
Packed Size 8.x4 in dia / 20x10 cm dia 9x4.5 in dia / 23x11 cm dia 11x5 in dia / 28x13 cm dia
Fabric 75D PU Polyester 75D PU Polyester 75D PU Polyester
Color Skyburst Orange Skyburst Orange Skyburst Orange
Shape Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular


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