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Thanks to less flexibility, this is the ideal slackline for children and is sure to be a hit at any child's birthday party!
The ideal slackline for beginners of all ages. The funline is a great introduction to the sport as it is less dynamic and easy to use. Rubberized top coat helps feet grip the line, perfect to start honing balance skills. 40 feet. TÜV certified. Includes instruction manual and a handy carry bag.

- Available as 49 feet

- Rubber based prints provide added grip
- 2 inches wide (50mm), for low mounting height and safe handling
- 2 parts set for fast assembly and disassembly
- TÜV certified product. 
- Including instruction manual and a handy carry bag

Length Set: up to 15m (49.2 ft)
Width: 50mm (1.97 in)
Max. tension: 4 tons
Ratchet with safety lever
Ratchet strap length: 2m (6.56 ft)
Protected loop slings
Box size: 15" x 12.25" x 2.875"
Box weight: 6.5 lb

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