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Gibbon Slacklines are a great new toy to increase your sense of balance, strengthen your core, or to just go out and have a good time. The trees are the ones doing all the hard work, however, so do your part and help protect them from abrasion or other wear and tear. A simple felt pad is given velcro on the end making it easy to wrap around any tree.  Tree too large?  You can strap two Treewear together with the velcro making it double long.

One set contains two Treewear pads (100 x 14.5 cm each) which help prevent the slackline from slipping during setup, and keeps the trees from getting damaged.

Innovative 2 piece treewear is made of durable felt and protects the bark of the tree and your slackline from scarring. Velcro on each end makes it easy to handle and prevents slipping during set up of the slackline.

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