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BOB Handlebar Console

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Item number: HB04

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The Handlebar Console provides strollers with two water-bottle/beverage holders along with a zippered storage compartment for keys, cell phones, wallets, snacks, and other items. Made from "rip-stop polyester," the Handlebar Console attaches easily and securely with four Velcro straps to any BOB stroller. Most parents like ready access to food, water/drinks, and cell phones, this handlebar console will keep those these things conveniently at your fingertips.


-Four Velcro straps for easy and secure attachment to stroller.

-Zippered storage pockets so items stay in place.

-Two water bottle holders mean you’ll never go thirsty.

-Material made from water and stain resistant polyester.

-Available for single or Duallie BOB strollers.

Choose either the:

Single handlebar console (HB0400) for your Single BOB stroller.
The Duallie handlebar console (HB0406) for your Duallie BOB stroller. 

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