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Kazam Kazam Balance Bike

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Balance First, Pedal Next Approach to learning how to ride a traditional bike. It's all about balance not training wheels or pedals. The KaZAM Balance Bike is uniquely designed with a foot rest for feet placement and proper balance; and maintaining center of gravity similar to riding a traditional bicycle.

Bicycle Weight - 11.2 pounds
Bicycle Frame: Powder Coated Steel Frame
Tires: Rubber - 12"
Wheel Type - Air
Weight Capacity - 75lbs.
Adjustable Seat - 14.0" - 17.5"
Adjustable Handlebars - 19.75" - 22.50"
Dimensions - 33"(L) x 4.75"(W) x 22.5"(H)
Limited assembly required
Two Year Product Warranty

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