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  • flexible silicon body with integrated clip fits around any shape; 19-32mm in diameter
  • A water-resistant
  • disco inferno strobe (fast)
  • Single high powered LED strobe system with lens puts out 25 lumens
  • Four modes; constant on
  • Visible up to 600 meters
  • 50 hours of burn time steady
  • 80 hours flashing
  • Uses 2 CR2032 batteries
  • included
  • strobe
  • epeleptic fit strobe (random)
  • Hold down button to turn off in any mode
  • A scant 19 grams with batteries
  • A small number of Frog Strobes produced before April 2010 had a minor issue causing them to reset to constant after being jarred. If you have an issue contact QBP for a free replacement battery cap
Item Specifications
Battery SizeCR2032

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