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Werner Paddles Athena Carbon Paddle-Bent

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Exceptionally quiet, light and buoyant, the Werner Athena is the smart choice for smaller kayakers who have a low-angle style of paddling. The sleek blades make touring feel almost effortless.

  • Werner's exclusive Neutral Bent Shaft positions your hands for the best balance, comfort and control, helping reduce discomfort in your wrists and arms.
  • Performance Core carbon fiber blades are light, buoyant and exceptionally durable.
  • Curved dihedral blade face reduces "flutter" and enhances maneuverability, helping you smoothly link strokes.
  • Werner's patented Adjustable Ferrule System provides two-piece convenience without sacrificing strength. It also allows you to customize the blade offset or "feather angle."

Small shaft option is available. To know if you need a small diameter shaft, measure your hand from the base of the palm to the tip of your middle finger. If you measurement is 6 1/4" or smaller you should try a small shaft

Blade Specs:
  • Carbon, Foam Core
  • Size: 48cm x 15cm, 18.9" x 5.9"
  • 550sq cm
  • Asymmetrical
Shaft Specs:
  • Carbon
  • Neutral bent
  • Adjustable Ferrule 0-75°
  • Two piece
Paddle Weight:

709g (25 oz.) at 220cm

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