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Werner Paddles Little Dipper Carbon Paddle-Bent

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Item number: W57

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A smaller version of the Camano paddle, the Little Dipper is designed for smaller boaters and women. This highly popular touring paddle features small blades that pull easily through a stroke, putting less stress on joints. The neutral bent shaft positions your hands for the best balance, comfort and control, helping to reduce arm fatigue.



* Small size blade
* Light swing weight of carbon fiber reduces fatigue
* Advanced blade design creates a smoth forward stroke
* Our most popular all around touring design
* Neutural bend naturally aligns wrists
* Balanced for precise control and comfort
* Immediate comfort and reduced strain
* Adjustable ferrule system

Blade Specs:

* Carbon * Size:48 x 15 cm, 18.9" x 5.9"
* 550 sq cm
* Asymetrical

Shaft Specs:

* Carbon
* Neutral bent shaft
* Adjustable Ferrule 0-75°
* Two piece

Paddle Weight:

* 765g (27oz) at 220 cm

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